FAQ (자주 묻는 질문들)

Game Information

Does Warbible Online have pay-to-win? Do you sell codes?

There are no micro-transactions, and it’s not allowed. We do not offer codes for sales, and thus there is no pay-to-win. Warbible Online Ladder is a legitimate player earned progress only, making the game not only fair but most importantly fun to play as you are rewarded for time spent, not money spent.

What happens if you stop authenticating our save requests?

We will strive to be committed in supporting save requests for any active ladder seasons until the end.
If we stop authenticating your saves the map will no longer work properly as one cannot play this map the way it’s intended to be enjoyed without the save function. Discontinuing support for saves is how we will effectively close ladder seasons when a new season rolls out, and it is a primary feature that makes this work.

What will you do to make your time spent on authenticating saves feasible?

We created this game to bring enjoyment for everyone, and definitely not for monetary gains. However, it would be fair to say that it requires a lot of time to reply to continuous save requests that are sent to us throughout the day. To make this operation feasible for the devs behind Warbible Online, we kindly ask that you make a small contribution if you plan on using our optional web-based save authentication service provided on WarbibleOnline.com. Your donation will compensate for the time we’re allocating for authenticating save requests which is NOT an automated process. We must verify each and every photo that we receive aren’t photo-shopped to effectively prevent high level codes from being sent to potential cheaters with the intention to ruin the fun for everyone. Extended support is an external service provided on WarbibleOnline.com solely for the compensation of our physical labor involved in authenticating user’s screenshots to maintain a legitimate ladder experience against map unprotectors & crackers. All users are to be able to play Warbible Online within the same playing field, and donation does not grant you any special privileges.

When do ladders seasons get reset?

Although we do not have a clear date stipulations to when the ladders will be reset, we will be announcing the reset on WarbibleOnline.com weeks prior to a reset to inform all active users.

Why should I even play this map? Is it even fun?

This is probably the best Stracraft map you will play hands down.